Spring 2014-The Mexico show

Änglagård 2012

Studio Atlantis 2011

Photo: Martin Gustavsson

Finnboda varv, Stockholm 2003

Hammarbyhamnen. Autumn 1992.

Rehearsal with a coffee break and some nice laughs.


Hammarbyhamnen, 1992

A classic Änglagård picture. Johan decides to carry out the mellotron in the forest to be photographed. Since then it has been experienced many times over.

Photo: Göran Stenberg



1991 Anglagard's work continued throughout the wintermonths. The next song after Ura Kaipa, was based on a theme written by Tord and the whole lyric idea was in the song from the very beginning. A demo of the song was recorded on the 2nd of January in Jonas basement and was at the time 16 minutes and went under the name "Kung Bore".




Nov: Anglagard at Studio Atlantis

Piano and Flute




Historical pictures.In the days when almost everything was black and white.



25th April: Lund, Sweden





Spring: Rehearsals before recording

of Epilog


Summer: Studio Largen, recording Epilog

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Live spring/summer 2012

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