Jordrök (11:10)

Vandringar i vilsenhet (11:56)

Ifrån klarhet till klarhet (8:08)

Kung Bore (13:04)


LP(1992)(Colours)COSLP 013- 1000 copies

CD (1992) (Mellotronen) MelloCD 004

CD (1998) (Mellotronen) MelloCD 4004*

CD (2003 /Digipack) (Exergy) EX9*

CD (2009/Digipack) (Anglagard Records) Ang 01*


*-remastered version with 1 bonustrack (Gånglåt från Knapptibble)




Thomas Johnson: Mellotron, Hammond organ B-3 and L-100, solina, clavinet, pianet, korg mono/poly, piano and church organ electronic version

Jonas Engdegård: Stratocaster, Gibson 335, nylon and steel acoustic guitars

Tord Lindman: vocals, Gibson 335, nylon and steel acoustic guitars

Johan Högberg: Rickenbacker bass, basspedals and mellotroneffects

Anna Holmgren: flute

Mattias Olsson: Sonor drumset, Zildjians cymbals, concert bass drum, triangles, tambourines, vibraslap, po-chung, gong, castanets, line-bells, cow-bell, wood-blcok, glockenspiel, tubular bells, bongos, bells, ice-bell, finger cymbals, waterfall, a-gogo bells, cabasa, claves, French cowbell, African drums, effect-flute


All music is written and arranged by Änglagård

The lyrics is plotted by Tord Lindman


Recorded in Studio Largen July-September 1992

Engineered by Roger Skogh

Mixed and produced by Änglagård and Roger Skogh


Cover Illustration: Göran Stenberg

Cover design: Anders Johansson

Photos: Göran Stenberg, Anna Holmgren, Johan Högberg, Tord Lindman, Åsa Rabaini




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